Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lazing on a Wednesday afternoon

Yup. Sorry about that, Freddie. 

It's just that I've worked my bi-monthly cluster of night shifts over the weekend, and felt totally pooped ever since. 
Well, today I can safely say I feel remotely human again. It being, you know, Wednesday

That said, you are probably expecting me to show you some breath-taking example of my baking prowess. All right. Here you go. 

I SO wish I could take credit for bringing this marvel into the world, but no - this is Kristin Rosenau's Peach & Blackberry Galette.
Go get the recipe from her blog directly, and be sure to swipe a few more while you're at it!

Now incidentally - much as I generally dislike French-style desserts, I find that the mere word, galette, is so evocative of all things sweet and decadent to have me salivating like Pavlov's proverbial dogs in zero time. No matter that this particular dessert is not nearly as rich and heavy as quite a few others that I would serenely scarf down by reason of a less debauched-sounding  denomination. The moral of the story being: What's in a name?, my arse!
This is something of (gosh!) an healthy treat actually. Which means you'll have to warm up your slice and plop a dollop of vanilla ice cream on it, so that the balance of the universe is restored.

...oh, and before I leave you to deal with your galette, let me tell you a word concerning Kristin and her wonderful blog, The Pastry Affair.

She is a human being I admire unconditionally; I wish I'd had the courage, ten years ago, to make the same choice she did and dump a job I was miserable with in order to pursue my true calling. I am not sure I would have chosen to become a baker back then, or whether I'd have been successful if I had tried, but... yeah. HUUUUGE missed opportunity right there.

Baking-wise, I am in love with her. Nothing less.  He confections are perfectly balanced, elegant in a "less is more" way - something you don't always get from online recipes, where the wow factor is often the main concern.
When food is discussed, we Italians have a bad habit of looking down on other people, Americans especially. Since, you know, the Mediterranean diet is so awesome, whereas they created McDonald's and everything nasty and evil, right? No matter that we cheerfully ignore our much-flaunted "golden pyramid" thingie and stuff our faces with carbs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Well, anyway - Kristin's recipes can give any Italian diet doctor a run for his money. A little while ago they went, if anything, a little too healthy, as she was experimented with the Vegan lifestyle for a whole month. What can I say? I still loved her recipes, but I am glad it is over. Butter and eggs are staple food as far as I am concerned!

Image belongs to Kristin Rosenau @

Last but not least, her pics. Will you just look at them? Her photography is flawless. I would like to say I envy her for it, but then again, I have no right to because most of the times I'm not even trying.
Her galette's like a Platonic ideal; mine looks like something butchered by a maniac... The red tablecloth doesn't help, of course. Nor does the pack of tissues peeking from the upper right corner. Oh well...

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