Saturday, December 29, 2012

Unspeakable WIP... of DOOM!

Hi, peeps!

Wanna take a peek at what I'm planning for a very nerdy New Year's Eve party?

It must be the most blasphemous cake design EVER, but I'm having loads of fun with it!

Except for the fact that, uhm, I hate modelling plastic chocolate. Still I go out of my way to use it whenever possible, because I'm told people like the taste better than sugarpaste. Meh. That may be true, but until the day I see someone actually trying to eat the topper whole, I'll stick to my opinion that the improvement in flavour is not worth having to deal with the nasty, gooey stuff.
...GAAAAAAAH! So frustrating!

Stay tuned because this sweet Nativity scene's still missing the real stars - St. Joseph, the Virgin, and baby Jesus...
(Oh, and of course, the actuall CAKE is still missing, too. Don't bother me with such trifles! I'll bake it tomorrow. Or, so I hope...)

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