Thursday, May 9, 2013

I make no excuses...

...I am a lazy, useless slob.
Then again, I told you as much from the very start.

What I mean is, at this point you'd expect me to put on my best drama queen face and go screamin' "OH MY GOSH IS IT MAY ALREADY?"

Only, weeeell... to be totally honest I've been very aware, all this time, that I was neglecting my blog.
And I wish I could tell you it was because of some deep personal reason, good or bad.

But, no.

What really really happened is, I was feeling sluggish and exhausted and just couldn't muster the enthusiasm to write a post.
I didn't even bake all that much over the last 3 months. Shock and horror, I know.

Has the Efreet burned out, then?
Hell, NO!

I still love baking. I love it more than I could tell.
And I've spent most of my almost non-existant free time browsing my fellow foodies' blogs and daydreaming about all the good things I'd bake, as soon as my lethargy spell would go away.

Also I have given this whole blogging business some consideration, since this virtual soapbox of mine is nearly one year old already, so I suppose a healthy measure of self-criticism is compulsory.
Did I meet the goals I set up for myself?

...Well, for one, my photography still sucks. And it goes without saying that I'm never going to be a regular poster, duh.
But, I am letting by crazy true self shine through whatever I write on here. And, as far as building my online presence goes... I still won't go anywhere near Facebook, no matter what - and yes I know full well the sheer amount of traffic it could get me; I just happen to hate the bloody place so much, I am perfectly fine giving up a crapload o' potential clicks - but I am reasonably proud of my Pinterest boards, and I am opening up to the vibrant, art-loving community that is DeviantArt.
Basically what I'm saying is: I may disappear for a while - for as long as I need to get back my steam, as it is - but I'm not giving up on the blog.
Not ever.

This much I can promise.

Thanks for the wait, peeps! Hope to make it worth your while!

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