Sunday, September 23, 2012

Of new beginnings and Italian plumbers


It is my birthday today (YAY!) and, as someone might remember from my very first entry, this date was supposed to mark the official start of my blog. 
I mean, we've been joking up to now, right? Warming up. Flexing our muscles, exchanging some friendly banter and so on. 
But now? 
Now's when the game gets tough. 

I could tell you how I enrolled on a photography class on Craftsy, in order to overcome my fear of a digicam once and for all. 
I could extoll the designers I entrusted with the task of creating a logo worth of my Efreet-y self. 


You all don't give a damn about that, right

You're here for the cake
Aww come on, do not pretend you don't know the one I'm talking about. 


My Super Mario Bros cake!

Starring Luigi... 

...and everyone's favorite Italian plumber*, Mario! 

Booty shot! Aren't those Silver Stars cute? 

The very same cake, with the sugarpaste decorations and the candle removed. 
You can see the wonky shape a little better in this one (and the flaws in my fondant stripes too, unfortunately...)

Well, it sure looks pretty. But was the actual cake any good? 

The following one's for all of you Doubting Thomases out there... 

(My answer to the above would be: If done well, a decorated cake is way yummy! I wouldn't go as far as eating the fondant figures myself, but the covering was thin enough to complement the hyper-chocolatey cake nicely, without overwhelming it with sweetness.)

I find it strangely fitting to post this cake today. I am really proud of it, and even if I know there are things I could have done better - that blasted striping AAARGH! - I learned a lot from it, and it gave my confidence a huge boost. 
It seems I can do designer cakes after all!

Plus, the kid I made it for was happy with it. In the end, this is the thing that really matters!

* = Although, I have to confess, not mine. I always thought Luigi's far cuter. He definitely deserves some more love!

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