Tuesday, January 1, 2013

FHTAGN! Cthulhoo is born!

I think today's Doodle says it all:


Did you list your resolutions for the new year? I certainly didn't; I'm not that kind of person. 
It's not that I am weak-willed - I can be very focused, as long as it's something I truly feel like doing. If, on the other hand, I don't really care, then no amount of public flaunting of  good intentions will shame me into action. 
Right now, the one thing I honestly feel like promising is: I will strive to become a better baker and designer, and post more frequently on this blog. So there!

Anyway, now that I am more or less sober again - although I'm still sleepy as hell, and so filled with food that the mere thought of it makes me want to barf - I'll keep my promise and post more images of my Unspeakable Vault of Doom cake. 
Those among you with an eye for photography (awww, let's make it, those among you with barely decent eyesight) will probably notice that the following pics are exceptionally good for my standards. That's because I didn't take them, you smart***es!
My sweetie did. With a swipe of his smarthphone. Dammit. 

...Well, anyway. Here's the cake, freshly unwrapped by its intended recipient... 

...and here it is again, waiting to be cut and savoured!

Finally, a close-up of the dramatis personae

*   Cthulhoo as baby Jesus

*   Nyarly as St. Joseph
*   Shubby as Mary
*   Yogzotot as the angel
*   Zatoth as the comet
*   (a) Shoggie as (both) the ox & ass

If you're still wondering, you probably don't know The Unspeakable Vault... of DOOM!
Take my hint: forget all about cakes for a moment (gosh, did I really write that?) and click the link. Unlike my other links, it will open in this very same page - yes, it's deliberate. I want you to take your time and browse through the archive... because, man, you've been missing out on a lot of fun! 

PS - I sent a pic of this cake to the Vault's author - right, to Mr Fracois Launet himself!  (hey, I was a bit tipsy at the moment, 'kay?) - alongside with my heartfelt thanks and New Year's wishes. He did me the HUGE honour of featuring it in his own Guest Art gallery! 


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