Saturday, October 27, 2012

Eurochocolate report - part 2

Yesterday I dropped on you a hint about this awesome chocolate-themed hotel in Perugia, the Etruscan Chocohotel. The photos on the official site do it a lot more justice than the ones I snapped, nevertheless I'll post a selection, so you can see for yourself how incredible this place is!

As soon as you drive into the parking outside, you are greeted by a mock radar trap...

...but as soon as you walk inside, chocolate is everywhere
The hall is strewn with chocolate sculptures - there is even an old-style ceramic bathing tub   filled with huge chunks of the heavenly stuff! - and accommodates a Chocostore where you can buy souvenirs and - you guessed it - chocolate!

Tantalizing chocolate dribbles are stenciled inside the elevator... 

The three floors, by the way, are marked as fondente ("dark"), al latte ("milk"), and gianduia ("hazelnut"). 

The door frames look like chocolate bars, and each room is marked by a plaque with a chocolate wrapper in it. They're all different, too! 

My sweetie and me were on the milk floor, and we got Cadbury's. Yummy!

The room itself was like... I dunno, a bit of fairyland dropped in this boring world. 
Just look at it, will you?

The writing on the bedspread, in case you're wondering, says "chocolate" in lots of different languages. 
Needless to say - big language nerd that I am - I immediately set to identifying as many as I could!

There is a cute little table filled with neatly lined-up hot chocolate cups...

...and a stepper in the far corner, just so that no one can possibly accuse the hotel of irresponsibly boosting weight gain. 
It is all shiny and, as far as I can tell, brand new. 

Because, come on - what kind of people would pick a place like this to exercise?  Not us for sure!
We will, of course, remember the immoderate calorie intake later on, as we'll go back to our dreary routines, and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth... 

...but for the time being, we're quite happy with gorging ourselves on this heavenly chocolatey buffet!

See? Even the fearsome gryphon forswore his stoic countenance to have a go at it!

There's no point in trying to resist, really. 

Thus away we scurry to one of the tables, each of them topped with a cocoa bean... 

...and we enjoy our breakfast. Cheers!

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