Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

...That's all there is to say for today, I guess! 

I wish I could talk to you more, about Halloween and how much I love it even though it's not your traditional Catholic holiday - gee, you'd be tempted to say I love it for the very reason - but, guess what? The Efreet's on the road again! 
Or, as the case may be, on the railroad, as I am leaving for the Comics & Games convention in Lucca tomorrow, so right now I'm busy packing my luggage and baking quick but delicious Halloween-themed cupcakes to celebrate with my friends tonight. 

Here they are! 

The tiny chocolate pumpkins I bought in Perugia (they're all gone now, alas!) whereas the ghost picks I got at a dollar store somewhere. 

I had enough cupcakes to fill another tray; those got bat pics instead. 

The recipe for Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes I got from Jamie (of My Baking Addiction fame) - a fellow blogger I know I can trust, whatever the recipe. I mean, other foodies specialize in cookies, or cupcakes, or Bundt-style cakes or what have you. Not her. 
Everything she bakes turns out drool-worthy, and her simple, unassuming style is so refreshing. From the clean, uncluttered pics to the minimalist layout, down to her serenely cheerful tone, her whole blog radiates humility, kindness, and joy. Maybe it all boils down to her being a teacher? I doubt that somehow; I remember having my fair share of teachers that were anything but gentle and patient... 

These cupcakes are delicious, and surprisingly effective with practically zero effort - black paper liners, a few chocolate pumpkins (candies would have worked equally well in a pinch) and a handful of plastic picks are all it took!

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