Saturday, October 13, 2012

[T&T] Lady's Choice Delicious Wholesome Filipino-Style Liver Spread

First of all, allow me to set matters straight: I am not targeting Filipino products in particular.
It's just that this awesome Asian grocery opened right near where I live, so I've been wandering among the aisles in a happy daze over the past few days - and while I am familiar with many of the Chinese and Japanese products they carry, the Filipino stuff is a whole new world for me to explore.

Today I'm going to sample Lady's Choice Delicious Wholesome Filipino-Style Liver Spread - I picked it up because I love liver, plus at a whopping 1.30 € for 165 g (approx. 5.8 ounces) it was a steal!

The tin was undamaged and easy to open.

Here's what the content looks like...

...and a spoonful of it for you to look at.

Basically what I want you to appreciate is how evenly creamy the texture is, which is a big winner for me.
I ate a spread once in which some bits of meat were still recognizable, and I happened to spot a small tubular thingie that looked suspiciously like a vein segment.
Now, I know there are offal in this spread as well - swine heart, lung, and head, according to the label - but they're all minced up nicely so that I don't have to see any icky bits.

The flavour is... well, pretty liver-y. So much so, in fact, that I suspected it might be artificial, as the actual liver content of this spread is about 21%, and not even in foie gras - which is pretty much 100% of the real stuff - does the taste come through so intensely.
Still, the listed ingredients include the usual thickening and colouring additives, but no artificial flavourings - and since it is imported through a U.K.-based company and British standards are usually very stict, I don't doubt the contents are as declared.
I guess the different meats were mixed in some smart way so that the liver's the real star.

The spread by itself was good enough for me to eat a couple spoonfuls right off the tin, but IMHO it needs something to balance the strong liver flavour - in short, it's quintessential sandwich material!

I sloshed some of it on half a loaf of French bread with sliced cheese, pickled hot chilies, and a little mayo. The other half got the same, except I was out of chilies, so I put in a boiled egg instead.

Both variations were delicious, and even more so after a few hours; I will surely buy more tins for those times when I need to whip up a quick snack to wrap up and take to work.
I think it might be good that the label gives no nutritional values though...


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    1. Thanks! Although, to be fair, I don't really have the time to do any serious blogging these days. I'm leaving this thing online for sentimental reasons, mostly, but... yeah.

      I still love baking though! I always will!